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In February 1984, Jennings R. "Bert" Hood and several family members founded Team Mates Trusses in Moncks Corner, SC. The start-up company began with 6 employees. With hard work, ingenuity, and skill, the young firm grew and by 1987 reached $1.5 million in sales. In early 1989 many of the family members decided to leave the industry and sell their portion of the business to pursue other interests.

During this same period, James H. Broach, Sr. had been managing a small rival truss plant at Monarch Lumber, a local lumber yard in Charleston, SC. After Monarch Lumber was purchased by a large regional lumber supplier in 1989 the new company decided to close the truss plant portion. 

With both young leaders at turning points in their careers and both with families of their own to provide for, one phone call would set up a partnership that would change the course of both of their lives beyond even their wildest imaginations. On November 1, 1989 the two men became 50/50 partners and changed the name to Team Mates of Charleston, Inc. With fresh leadership and new purpose, the company entered a period of sustained growth. Looking for expansion opportunities, in 1991 they acquired Truss Systems Inc. in Easley, SC and later merged them into one company Truss Systems of SC. 

The year 2000 brought a changing time in the truss industry and in the local market place with an increased amount of mergers and acquisitions of truss manufacturing companies. Truss Systems had successfully grown as well and was looking to step out of the shadows of being a "Mom and Pop" truss company. With a large multi-million dollar addition underway and the decision to expand into turn-key framing the team began an aggressive rebranding campaign and changed the name to Atlantic Building Components. James Broach, Jr., PE arrived in June of 2001 as vice president of operations and aggressively grew the company to the next level with sales exceeding $20 million for the first time. The great recession of 2007 proved to be very difficult times, but with great leadership Atlantic came out un-phased and stronger than ever. 

Our vision since day one has always been focused on continuing to grow the company for future generations. In 2016 this continued with the acquisition of TruLine Truss in Sparta, NC. Having been in business for over 20 years, TruLine was well established with an unbelievable manufacturing facility and great staff. Adding this location gave us immediate growth into the Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, and rapidly growing Roanoke, VA markets.

With 3 locations, 200 employees, and sales on track to reach $40 million, the future is bright and we remain never satisfied.

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